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„Over the last twenty years I have come to know Jean-Claude in my function as a physician, and I value him as a person. I have treated him for a multitude of injuries that stemmed from his international career as a professional ballet dancer. I am delighted that he has now returned to Munich to share his knowledge on the human body and its movements at the Bluebird Pilates Studio. Pilates is very effective in training the body.“

Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt
(Orthopaedist and specialist for sport medicine)
(Official physician of the German national football team and the FC Bayern Munich)

„For a long time I have been searching for a fitness style that is effective and that eases my back pain. Unfortunately, I had to discover that jogging and weight training led to an increase in pain for me. My profession requires me to sit a lot during work, and my neck and back suffer as a result. Jean-Claude managed to improve my posture. This not only ameliorates the pain, but colleagues have remarked that my whole appearance has changed. I can fully recommend Pilates training with Jean-Claude.“

Nicholas Albert Kahn
(Event Manager, Monte-Carlo)


Despite the initial difficulties that I encountered when performing all the precise and controlled Pilates exercises properly, Jean-Claude's patience and motivation persuaded me not to give up. I now train two times per week being fitter than ever. I feel young and strong again. I love Pilates.

Elisabeth Mercier
(Mother and Housewife, Lyon)


„Dear Jean-Claude,
with your competent guidance and Pilates I managed to overcome the consequences of a heavy traffic accident that left me with a broken rib and collarbone. Being 60 years old the doctors in Monte-Carlo advised me that my shoulder would probably never completely heal again. With your help and a lot of exercise I have regained full mobility in my shoulder.
Thank you very much, Jean-Claude. I wish you the very best for your new studio and the success you so thoroughly deserve.“

Martine Puons
(Pensioner, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin)


„My Pilates exercise has become part of my routine because it increases my performance onstage. Jean-Claude is an excellent teacher who adjusts his training so that it suits me and my needs.“

Mimoza Koike
(Principal Dancer, Monte-Carlo)

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